FROM PRAGUE: Bisnode certification

We are proud to announce our Czech sister company – Faravelli s.r.o – has recently received a very prestigious international award, the AAA ranking (excellent) Bisnode certification, for their long-term financial performances.

The certificate states that Faravelli s.r.o. belongs to the highly exclusive group of companies in the Czech Republic meeting the strictest economic assessment criteria under the Bisnode statistic predictive model.

The company’s credibility has actually reached the highest AAA rank. The AAA award, the history of which dates back to 1908, can be granted only to the most trusted companies meeting very strict economic criteria, as the official recognition of their financial performance and credit rating. 

The certificate – released by Dun and Bradstreed, Prague subsidiary of Bisnode, represents a guarantee of reliability and solvency.

Bisnode AAA ranking




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